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Why a budget should be on the top of your remodel wish list

Beautiful New KitchenBudgets, or the all mighty dollar, dictate the real path and product selection that will be needed to give the design staff a clear picture of what is and is not possible. Once ideas have been tossed around and the scope of work is becoming more clear a budget will help with some of the larger purchases such as cabinet manufacturers and countertops that fit within the projected budget. I have heard all types of responses when asking for a budget. Everything from “ we don’t have a budget “to“ we really have no idea on what this might cost”. Don’t worry that’s why you hire a company like PDR. We can help to educate you on what things are costing in today’s market. I personally have 20+ years of construction pricing and estimating. I know it sounds funny but more often then not after speaking with someone and what they thought it would cost its typically double whatever number the client thought. We work hard daily at finding new products and installation guides to accommodate almost any budget. We at PDR only have team members that are highly skilled in their areas expertise. Our installers have been called artists and masters at their crafts. Because we only hire the “ best of the best” it can reflect in the final pricing of a project. Budgets are not scary to talk about, but important and exciting to ensure we provide the best products and techniques while staying in the parameters of what each client wants to apply to their space or spaces. Here are some starting approximate pricing for kitchens and baths


  • Average guest bathroom $18,000-$21,000
  • Master bathroom $25,000-$40,000
  • Galley style kitchen $20,000-$30,000
  • Open floor concept kitchen $35,000-$65,000


These are just some average cost based on 2017-2018 Remodeling. This is what PDR has experienced based on our pricing and what is published on a national level. Projects can easy exceed these averages based on what products are chosen. Our office has over 100 years of construction and Remodeling experience. Our hope is that by meeting with our team you really understand the value PDR brings to the table.