Cambria Natural Stone Surfaces in Sarasota, FL

Elegance and quality are at hand when you equip your home with Cambria natural stone surfaces in Sarasota, FL. This elegant stone adds a stylish and functional element to your kitchen or bathroom, elevating your existing décor and tying the whole room together.

Cambria not only creates desirable products of the highest quality, but they also develop diverse and innovative designs from a wide range of materials, resulting in many different outstanding styles for you to choose from. Take your remodeling or new construction project to the next level by seeing what Cambria has in store. You can find what you need by working with the highly experienced and friendly team at PDR Kitchen & Bath.

A Range of Reasons

There are a range of reasons to decide upon natural stone countertops for your home. First of all, there is an aesthetic one. The quartz used for these products is beautiful, and it evokes the purest designs and patterns which one can only find in nature. Since this stone is designed by Mother Nature herself, this product varies a great deal from one example to the next, which assures you of having a truly unique surface in your bath or kitchen.PDR Cambria Kitchen

In keeping with an appearance theme, you will also be happy to know that Cambria offers their products with either a gloss finish or a matte one, so you can get the particular sheen that matches your décor.

Durability is beyond compare as natural quartz is incredibly hard and provides long-lasting resilience and performance for years of enjoyment. It’s highly scratch-resistant and doesn’t require any sealants or polishes. Clean up is a breeze; wipe it with warm water, and you’re done.

Since this natural stone product is very dense and non-porous, there is no risk of bacteria or germs getting trapped in the material itself. That means it’s safe and healthy and won’t get stained by absorbing spills.

It’s healthy for the environment too, as the quartz is obtained through responsible mining practices and all of the water used during processing is recycled.

Quality Products Combined with Quality Craftsmanship

The natural stone surfaces you find in our showrooms are handcrafted with an eye toward producing high-quality pieces right from the raw materials down to the finest finished details.

At PDR Kitchen & Bath, we are proud to be among the select partners that carry products from Cambria, which is a company that prides itself on being family-owned and making durable, American-made products. Cambria backs its products with a full lifetime warranty, ensuring that you can’t go wrong when you choose this one-of-a-kind brand.

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