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Let Our Knowledeable Remodelers Deliver You Stunning Results

The day has arrived. All permits are issued and materials are ready to be delivered. There is always work to do prior to construction like cleaning out cabinets, taking down paintings and pictures off walls, and covering furniture. Demolition can be not so fun to live through. While we at PDR take all precautions to protect your home and its items, there will be dust, sometimes loud noises and construction areas to avoid. It’s also sometimes very exciting to see the project taking off.

bathroom remodel and kitchen remodelThe old cabinets are gone, the old countertops removed and the 20 year-old tub is no more! Materials removed are generally hauled off the same day as to not let the debris pile up at the job site. We will meet different tradesmen to give them clear instructions of what is listed in the scope of work and plans. You will be assigned a project manager when the job starts. He will be your go-to for questions about scheduling or day to day operations and what to expect during this process. He will update you on things like inspections and installation days. Feel free to ask him/her about any concerns you may have. Remember we are the experts. You hired a licensed, knowledgeable and educated firm when you picked us over many other options for remodelers in Sarasota County and its surrounding areas. Don’t forget to let us do our job.

Because we have multiple projects going on at once there may be things scheduled like plumbers and electricians that fall in to schedule times with windows such as 12-4 or 10-3. There may be times also that will open up in our schedule and you might get a call asking you if we can move something up in your calendar. There could be a day when inclement weather delays a delivery and we would have to reschedule that item. It’s important to remember when one thing is pushed back or moved forward it affects multiple trades. It is no fun for us to have to scramble to move things around. We prefer that things run perfectly, but that is not construction. It requires us to be “thinkers” and problem-solvers on our feet. These are just a couple things we wanted to point out. You did hire, who we feel, is the best remodeling contractor in the area and when we all work together the process is much more enjoyable for the client and ourselves. So sit back and enjoy the process and what PDR does best which is deliver a stunning kitchen, bathroom and or build out.