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The day has arrived. All permits are issued and materials are ready to be delivered. There is always work to do prior to construction like cleaning out cabinets, taking down paintings and pictures off walls, and covering furniture. Demolition can be not so fun to live through. While we at PDR take all precautions to protect your home and its items, there will be dust, sometimes loud noises and construction areas to avoid. It’s also sometimes very exciting to see the project taking off.

bathroom remodel and kitchen remodelThe old cabinets are gone, the old countertops removed and the 20 year-old tub is no more! Materials removed are generally hauled off the same day as to not let the debris pile up at the job site. We will meet different tradesmen to give them clear instructions of what is listed in the scope of work and plans. You will be assigned a project manager when the job starts. He will be your go-to for questions about scheduling or day to day operations and what to expect during this process. He will update you on things like inspections and installation days. Feel free to ask him/her about any concerns you may have. Remember we are the experts. You hired a licensed, knowledgeable and educated firm when you picked us over many other options for remodelers in Sarasota County and its surrounding areas. Don’t forget to let us do our job.

Because we have multiple projects going on at once there may be things scheduled like plumbers and electricians that fall in to schedule times with windows such as 12-4 or 10-3. There may be times also that will open up in our schedule and you might get a call asking you if we can move something up in your calendar. There could be a day when inclement weather delays a delivery and we would have to reschedule that item. It’s important to remember when one thing is pushed back or moved forward it affects multiple trades. It is no fun for us to have to scramble to move things around. We prefer that things run perfectly, but that is not construction. It requires us to be “thinkers” and problem-solvers on our feet. These are just a couple things we wanted to point out. You did hire, who we feel, is the best remodeling contractor in the area and when we all work together the process is much more enjoyable for the client and ourselves. So sit back and enjoy the process and what PDR does best which is deliver a stunning kitchen, bathroom and or build out.

Why a budget should be on the top of your remodel wish list

Beautiful New KitchenBudgets, or the all mighty dollar, dictate the real path and product selection that will be needed to give the design staff a clear picture of what is and is not possible. Once ideas have been tossed around and the scope of work is becoming more clear a budget will help with some of the larger purchases such as cabinet manufacturers and countertops that fit within the projected budget. I have heard all types of responses when asking for a budget. Everything from “ we don’t have a budget “to“ we really have no idea on what this might cost”. Don’t worry that’s why you hire a company like PDR. We can help to educate you on what things are costing in today’s market. I personally have 20+ years of construction pricing and estimating. I know it sounds funny but more often then not after speaking with someone and what they thought it would cost its typically double whatever number the client thought. We work hard daily at finding new products and installation guides to accommodate almost any budget. We at PDR only have team members that are highly skilled in their areas expertise. Our installers have been called artists and masters at their crafts. Because we only hire the “ best of the best” it can reflect in the final pricing of a project. Budgets are not scary to talk about, but important and exciting to ensure we provide the best products and techniques while staying in the parameters of what each client wants to apply to their space or spaces. Here are some starting approximate pricing for kitchens and baths


  • Average guest bathroom $18,000-$21,000
  • Master bathroom $25,000-$40,000
  • Galley style kitchen $20,000-$30,000
  • Open floor concept kitchen $35,000-$65,000


These are just some average cost based on 2017-2018 Remodeling. This is what PDR has experienced based on our pricing and what is published on a national level. Projects can easy exceed these averages based on what products are chosen. Our office has over 100 years of construction and Remodeling experience. Our hope is that by meeting with our team you really understand the value PDR brings to the table.

3 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Standout

Bathroom Remodeling BradentonWhen renovating a home, people often think about remodeling the kitchen because you spend a lot of time in that room. Another essential place to update is the bathroom. Whether it is a guest bathroom or master bathroom, renovating this room will help increase the overall value of your home. Take a look at three ways to make your bathroom stand out from the rest.

Lighting- In a bathroom, light is critical, whether it is natural lighting or accent lighting. We recommend having a balance between the two. Natural lighting will brighten up the bathroom during the day, but at night you will need some type of accent lighting around the sinks.

Storage- Many bathrooms do not have enough storage for the average family. Whether you want to put in a linen closet or add more bathroom cabinets, people will notice the extra storage space for towels and other bathroom necessities.

Tile- Updating the tile in the shower and on the floor will instantly give your bathroom a refreshed look.

Our contractors are ready to help you with bathroom remodeling in Bradenton. Just give us a call today at (941) 920-2147 to schedule a consultation to discuss budget and design.

3 Important Parts of a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Countertops SarasotaRemodeling a kitchen is a big job to tackle on your own which is why many people turn to experienced contractors to help them complete the job. With many decisions to make including finalizing the budget and choosing the design style, you need to remember the three prominent items in a kitchen. When people walk into your kitchen, they will notice these three things first.

Cabinets- The cabinets are the essential foundation for kitchens because it is usually the first thing people pick out. Whether you have your cabinets custom made or not, you will need to decide on a style and color before picking anything else out for the kitchen.

Countertops- Once you have decided on the cabinets, you can choose countertops. Since countertops rest on top of the cabinets, you need to make sure it will coordinate with the cabinets.

Appliances- You will want to choose appliances that match the style of your cabinets and countertops. Many people are going with stainless steel it goes with almost everything.

Our remodeling contracts are here to help you throughout the entire renovation process. Give us a call right now at (941) 920-2147 when you need stunning kitchen countertops in Sarasota for your renovation.

Here’s Why You Should Remodel Your Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling Bradenton FLWhen it comes to your home, changing the interior design empowers you to create welcoming and comfortable atmospheres. As such, it makes sense to start with the bathroom. Remodeling presents an excellent opportunity to make surfaces newer, stronger, and more accessible. Construction companies in Bradenton, FL, make it easier to turn your ideas into a reality. Learn why changing your bathroom is a smart move below.

Bathroom remodeling is a smart investment for your home. All in all, this project lets you revitalize old surfaces and make them feel new. Of course, there are many benefits to remodeling. Many homeowners choose to update the bathroom for:

  •  Aesthetic Appeal: This first benefit warrants some emphasis: updating your bathroom is a great way to make a personalized space. By changing your interior design, you define the home according to your preferences.
  • Safety and Accessibility: Although the bathroom is a common area for guests and family alike, it does pose distinct safety hazards like trips and falls from wet floors. You can make your bathroom safer by installing a safety tub or designing a walk-in shower. Lighting also goes a long way.
  • Strengthening Old Surfaces: If your counters are warped, or the tile is chipping off, it’s time for an upgrade! Updating your counters, wall tiles, and flooring will protect your home and also give it a new personality.
  •  Increasing Property Value: The housing market is competitive, so consider how to give your listing an advantage. Prospective buyers are attracted to homes with updated kitchens and bathrooms, especially if it means they won’t have to do the replacement work themselves.

Realize Your Vision with a Remodeling Company

Are you ready to change the look and feel of your bathroom? Hire a remodeling contractor and get the results you want, all according to your schedule and budget. The contractor will work with you to define your project goals, and then allocate the resources to realize your vision.

Bathroom remodeling in Bradenton, FL, allows you to update your home with confidence. Request an estimate from a contractor today and begin discussing your interior design ideas.



Advantages of Remodeling Your Kitchen

Kitchen Remodel Bradenton FLIt’s Time to Update Your Kitchen

As one of the most-visited locations on your property, the kitchen sees a lot of activity. When it’s time to update your home, why not start with a kitchen remodel? In Bradenton, FL, homeowners are revitalizing their interior design with new counters, flooring, lighting, and more. See how updating your kitchen will improve your home, and get in contact with a reliable contractor for an estimate.

A remodeling project is your chance to make something new and refresh the appearance of your interior. Homeowners start with the kitchen since it is an active room that fills many functions: a place to store and prepare food, accept and entertain guests, and simply be a meeting place. Kitchen remodeling has many advantages:

  • Strengthens the Home: The kitchen is an active space. By replacing old countertops and flooring, you will create a room that can keep pace with your busy lifestyle. 
  • Improves Accessibility: Maybe that old kitchen island is just getting in the way, or the lighting isn’t as intuitive as it used to be. Remodeling allows you to rethink your kitchen design to fit your current needs.
  • Establishes Ambiance: Has the laminate on your counter lost its appeal? Steer your interior design in new directions with a remodeling project. You will create a welcoming space.
  • Increases Property Value: Prospective home buyers appreciate rooms they don’t have to fix. If you are selling, start with the kitchen and make a strong listing on the market.

Get Results with an Experienced Contractor

Are you ready to revitalize and strengthen your kitchen? Work with a kitchen remodeling contractor and take your investment further. Contractors have the knowledge, experience, and resources to turn your ideas into a reality. Contact a remodeling company today and request an estimate for your next project.

Don’t forget a kitchen remodel in Bradenton, FL, allows you to revitalize your interior design. Contact us to request an estimate for remodeling services.